Sealake Industries

international suppliers of

edible oils, candles,

& soaps

About Us

Our Business Philosophy

To stand by our principles, purpose and vision.


Our Vision

To make Sealake the largest edible oil manufacturers in the Republic of
South Africa with the best quality products.


Our Purpose

To enrich the lives of others through hard work and faith in God.


Our Principles

  • Act in an ethical manner
  • To deal fairly with others
  • To be true entrepreneurs
  • To be professional
  • have a long term vision

Our Consumers

  • Always be fair, honest and committed to our consumers
  • Have an understanding of their needs

Our Management

  • Guide the company into the future by having a vision
  • Ensure sustainability and profitability of business
  • To promote leadership amongst staff at all levels
  • Formulate policy, creating strategy and setting an example for staff members

Our Customers

  • Are business partners
  • Our friends
  • People whom we trust and respect
  • Who trust us to provide the best possible service timeously

Our Products

  • Satisfy the needs of our customers
  • Are of a high quality
  • Are healthy and safe
  • Add value to our consumers lives
  • Are affordable
  • Are manufactured using only the highest manufacturing standards

Our Brands

  • Our most cherished asset
  • Quality maintained
  • Recognizable
  • Trusted

Our Employees

  • Our greatest asset
  • Must be honest and hardworking
  • Willing and able
  • Receive training to improve their capabilities and skills
  • Work in a team
  • Customer focused
  • Passionate
  • Work in a clean, safe environment
  • Happy and secure in their jobs
  • Have pride in their work
  • Balanced lifestyle between work and play
  • Rewarded adequately for their efforts